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The Face you’ve dreamed of

There are many different reasons why patients come to us for help to improve their facial features. Prof. Celin and his team will help give you the results you’ve always dreamed of.

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The appearance of a persons ears can cause self-esteem and confidence issues. Otoplasty, a procedure in which the ears are operated on, is also known as ear pinning and can correct defects such as position and shape of the ear. Otoplasty is commonly performed on adults, teens and children over 5.


A facelift can restore your confidence and give you a naturally rejuvenated look. It works by removing excess or sagging skin, then lifting and tightening deep tissue. Most patients that have undergone this procedure find that it restores the youthful appearance to their face.


Bags and sagging eyelids can be hard to treat. Drooping eyelids can cause inconveniences if not taken care of right away.




Prof. Celin has been practicing since 1982 and is well respected in the medical profession as well as by his existing and past patients.

Prof. Celin has always been polite, gentle and an incredibly calming gentleman despite my needle phobia. I’ve used Prof. Celin for 3 different procedures, all with outstanding results. I couldn’t be happier with his work.

Private Patient

Two female friends and I had upper and lower eye lifts (blepharoplasty) in London. The results were excellent, yet subtle, friends said, ‘you look younger, really good, etc.’ The pre and post operative treatment and care were excellent, and I would highly recommend Celin. I have always found him incredibly courteous and pleasant.

M. Carlton

Prof. John Celin MD has been my cosmetic surgeon for many years. I have had a face lift, upper lip laser and chin implant by him. He is fair with his prices, curteous and professional at all times. He puts you at ease and gently talks you through the whole procedure. I would recommend him to anyone (especially the nervous). I am about to see him again after a break of a few years.