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Why Should You Consider Rhinoplasty?


Candidates for rhinoplasty are usually people who are unhappy with the look of their nose. The nose typically blends in and goes unnoticed, but some people find that their nose is the first thing that people see.

Improved Breathing

One might also consider rhinoplasty to treat breathing abnormalities. If a patient finds that they aren’t getting a sufficient amount of air through one or both nostrils, it may be due to a problem such as a deviated septum, which can be fixed with rhinoplasty. While this is considered a medical procedure that can sometimes be covered with insurance, it’s not uncommon for patients to also take advantage of the opportunity to also get the nose they’ve always wanted!

Broken Nose

Broken noses tend to heal with some imperfections. The nose is mostly made of bone and cartilage that, once damaged, will rarely return to the way it was. It’s common for people that have recovered from broken noses to find that their nose is now crooked or the bridge is just not the way it used to be.


To ensure that your results are satisfactory and the doctor is aware of your goals, you will need to arrange a consultation. During this time, the doctor will observe your current appearance and address any concerns you may have regarding the procedure. You can also expect a more thorough explanation of how your unique procedure will be performed.