Are Neuromodulators (BOTULINUM ) Right For You?

In this day and age, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are no longer the preserve of rich Hollywood film stars. As techniques have become more advanced and come down in price, taking neuromodulators and other steps to permanently improve one’s appearance has become an option for many people who twenty years ago would never have considered, or been able to afford it. From tummy tucks to eyelid lifts, from breast augmentations and reductions to nose jobs, cosmetic procedures have become a part of everyday life.

And it doesn’t always have to involve surgery – look at the rise in popularity of Neuromodulators (BOTULINUM ) over the last couple of decades.

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Neuromodulators (BOTULINUM ) in particular is appealing to many largely because it doesn’t involve surgery; given many people’s reactions to the idea of being cut open it’s hardly surprising. But Neuromodulators (BOTULINUM ) can be as effective a way of enhancing one’s appearance as the most invasive procedures can be. Neuromodulators (BOTULINUM ) involves the introduction of small amounts of the Botulinum toxin to the skin of the face. Botulinum toxin strains A and B (commercially known as “Neuromodulators (BOTULINUM )”), which can be deadly in many other contexts and strains, have been certified safe for use on the face, especially its top third, in dealing with wrinkles by causing the muscles beneath them to relax, thus smoothing the skin. Its cosmetic use was first documented by Californian surgeon Richard Clark in 1989 after he used it to treat forehead assymetry in a patient.

In the time since then Neuromodulators (BOTULINUM ) treatment has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world- being non-surgical, it makes fewer demands on a patient’s time, and because it can be very tightly focused and is charged per area, it can work out more cost-effective than you might imagine. And its side-effects are minimal- slight bruising from the injections is about as bad as it gets, so the patient can return to work or apply make-up straight away. And the results are visible very quickly- within two or three days the treatment will take effect on the skin, and will these effects will last for several months.


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Dr Celin has been practicing since 1982 and is well respected in the medical profession as well as by his existing and past patients.

Dr Celin has always been polite, gentle and an incredibly calming gentleman despite my needle phobia. I’ve used Dr Celin for 3 different procedures, all with outstanding results. I couldn’t be happier with his work.

Private Patient

I and two female friends in London had upper and lower eye lifts (blepharoplasty)  over the last ten years. The results were excellent, and subtle, friends said ‘you look younger, good, etc. The pre and post op treatment and care were excellent, and I would highly recommend him. He also does excellent botox and filler treatments.   I have always found him incredibly courteous and pleasant.

M. Carlton

Dr John Celin MD has been my cosmetic surgeon for many years. I have had a face lift, upper lip laser, chin implant and botox from him. He is fair with his prices, curteous and professional at all times. He puts you at ease and gently talks you through the whole procedure. I would recommend him to anyone (especially the nervous). I am about to see him again after a break of a few years.


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