Liposuction and ‘Tummy Tucks’


Everybody wants to look their best, but sometimes the best diet and exercise in the world will still fail to outdo nature. That’s when a lot of people start to consider cosmetic surgery. Once the preserve of the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery is now available to all, with little of the stigma it once had remaining. And its popularity, once most associated with women, has spread to men who have also become increasingly concerned about their appearance. Two of the most popular procedures for both men and women, and which go very much hand in hand, are tummy tucks and liposuction.


 male breast reduction

These are, as the name “cosmetic” would imply, all about changing the shape of the body rather than as a substitute for weight loss. In liposuction, fat is removed from the body to create a more pleasing contour. This is most commonly done using the “suction-assisted” process, in which a straw-like device called a cannula is inserted into the body and attached to a vacuum pump which just sucks the excess fat away. There are also power-assisted variants to this procedure, in which some of the movements of the cannula are automated. Ultrasound can also be used to liquefy the fat before suction to make it easier to remove. It’s not as painful as it sounds, and residual pain is usually treated with over-the-counter medicines.

With the tummy tuck, or “abdominoplasty” as it’s officially known, excess fat and skin are moved from the abdomen to tighten the abdominal wall’s muscles, giving a firmer and slimmer stomach. This can take a little longer to recover from, but a good aftercare regimen should mean it’s all over in a matter of months, with scars below the swimsuit line and fading to white.


Of course, you should always consult with a professional before rushing into what can be quite a commitment, but in this day and age it shouldn’t be a frightening prospect if you both decide that either or both of these are the procedures for you.

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Dr Celin has been practicing since 1982 and is well respected in the medical profession as well as by his existing and past patients.

Dr Celin has always been polite, gentle and an incredibly calming gentleman despite my needle phobia. I’ve used Dr Celin for 3 different procedures, all with outstanding results. I couldn’t be happier with his work.

Private Patient

I and two female friends in London had upper and lower eye lifts (blepharoplasty)  over the last ten years. The results were excellent, and subtle, friends said ‘you look younger, good, etc. The pre and post op treatment and care were excellent, and I would highly recommend him. He also does excellent botox and filler treatments.   I have always found him incredibly courteous and pleasant.

M. Carlton

Dr John Celin MD has been my cosmetic surgeon for many years. I have had a face lift, upper lip laser, chin implant and botox from him. He is fair with his prices, curteous and professional at all times. He puts you at ease and gently talks you through the whole procedure. I would recommend him to anyone (especially the nervous). I am about to see him again after a break of a few years.


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