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Ears (otoplasty)

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty treats abnormalities to the ear, such as ears protruding outward from the head, a fold (otherwise known as an antihelical fold) at the top of the ear, and misshapen or oddly positioned areas of the ear. Surgery is also performed to repair defects from previous surgery.

Why Otoplasty?

Ear pinning is a way of improving the confidence of a patient by making ears less prominent. If a prior otoplasty procedure has left a patient dissatisfied, then a secondary procedure may be an option.

Results of Otoplasty

The incisions are usually made behind the ear, meaning no visible scarring or sutures follow the procedure. Recovery can take a while, but there aren’t any dramatic interruptions to daily life although contact sports should be avoided for several weeks. Noticeable changes in appearance should be visible after bandages are removed (a week after surgery).

Call Now

Dr Celin can talk you through the options as well as showing you a preview of what the end result could look like for you. If you are interested in the Otoplasty, Dr. Celin can help you prepare for the procedure.