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Breast Reduction

Back problems and loss of balance can be a result of oversized breasts. Reduction is a go-to solution for a plethora of issues, both physically and mentally.

Candidates for breast reduction surgery would be in general good health. Issues such as high blood pressure or bleeding conditions can cause risk during the procedure. If you find that you are experiencing issues with self-esteem or physical pain caused by your breasts, then you may be an excellent candidate for breast reduction. More specific signs to indicate that you may be in need of a reduction include skin irritation beneath the breast crease, back, neck and shoulder pain, or indentations from bra straps due to the weight of your breasts.


To ensure that your results are satisfactory and the doctor is aware of your goals, you will need to arrange a consultation. During this time, the doctor will observe your current appearance and address any concerns you may have regarding the procedure. You can also expect a more thorough explanation of how your unique procedure will be performed.